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A patio is defined as an outdoor living space used for dining, entertaining, or relaxation. Patios can be made of concrete, brick, stone, gravel, pavers, flagstone, or numerous other materials. Regardless of the material chosen, the patio is the foundation of your, Leesburg or Northern VA area, outdoor living area and when designed with your overall project in mind will provide your outdoor project with years of worry-free entertainment.
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Concrete Paver Patio vs. Stamped Concrete

While brick pavers are often compared to stamped concrete, the only real similarity is the cost.

  • All concrete patios will eventually crack here in our Virginia Climate. Because Paver Patios are made up of many independent pavers they allow for the natural shifting of the earth without sacrificing the integrity of the patio.
  • Concrete pavers are molded under extreme pressure so they are 3 times stronger and more durable than concrete.
  • If the patio ever needs to be repaired due to stains or other issues interlocking concrete pavers allow the flexibility of only repairing the damaged area.
Outdoor Living, Patio,  Landscape & Pond Design & Installation Contractor  Serving Alexandria, Leesburg, Loudoun & Fairfax, Virginia (VA)
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